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Leverage Information Technologies LLC (LIT) is committed to providing top-notch IT services to prime contractors and government organizations while implementing a strong company growth trajectory. To exceed both these goals LIT must provide a unique corporate culture paired with beyond competitive pay and benefits.

Paid Time Off

Full Time LIT employees receive 6 weeks of paid time off, spread over three categories: PTO/Vacation, Floating Holiday, and Holiday.


  • LIT will pay provides a comprehensive (platinum level) Health/Dental/Vision coverage
  • LIT pays 100% of the individual and dependent premium
  • Provider is United Health Care


  • Benefit covers 60% salary up to $173,333 ($2,000 weekly benefit max)
  • Benefit starts after 7 days of an injury or sickness
  • Benefit continues for 12 weeks
  • LIT pays 100 % of the premium


  • Benefit covers 60% salary up to $200,000 ($10,000 monthly benefit max)
  • Benefit starts after 90 days of disability
  • Benefit continues until end of disability or SSNRA
  • Employee pays 100 % of the premium so that benefit is non-taxable


  • Coverage is 2 times salary (rounded to the next higher $1,000) of term life insurance (Maximum of $400,000)
  • $300,000 of base term is guaranteed issue, amounts in excess of guarantee issue are underwritten
  • Plus 2 times salary of accidental death and dismemberment (Maximum of $400,000)
  • LIT pays 100% of the premium

* ALL coverages begin the first of the month after hire date


401k – provided for all full time employees through Vanguard. LIT will match employee contributions (Maximum of 5%) as follows:

  • 100% employer match of employee’s first 3% contribution.
  • Additional 50% employer match of employee’s next 4% contribution.

Growth Bonus

LIT is committed to company growth, and will provide additional profit share in support of that goal.

  • A referring employee will receive an additional “$1 for each billable hour by the referred employee” via an end of year distribution for each successfully hired referral. That distribution shall be continuous from year to year as long as the referred employee and the referring employee remain with LIT.

Profit Share Stipulations

  • An employee must be a LIT employee at the end of the fiscal year to receive the distribution and the benefit vests over a 4 year period.

Consistent High Performance

At the CEO’s discretion, an employee may be granted a one-time increase in annual profit share for consistent high performance. Percentages may vary.


LIT has established business affiliations and partnerships that can be “leveraged” by employees.

  • Paid Overtime – LIT rewards employees with an “end of the fiscal year” bonus for every hour worked over 1,880 hours.

    Paid Overtime Formula:  (Hours worked minus 1,880) x (Employee’s Salary divided by 2080) = Bonus

  • Real Estate Services – LIT offers real estate services through a partnership agreement with True North Realty LLC. Should a LIT employee use a True North Realty agent, they will receive a “$1000 rebate” at closing for a home purchase and a “$1000 rebate” for a home sale.